Creation > Consumption

Creation > Consumption

It's easy to fall prey to simply consuming, and not creating. Reading about the stuff that'll improve your skills, your habits, or your very being, certainly contributes to some sort of growth. However it's important to remember that one, ridiculously simple fact:

Read all you want about making something, but at some point that "something" needs to be made.

Austin Kleon talks about how all advice is autobiographical, and this one is no different. Personally, I find it's so much easier to read, watch, and listen to what others have made, than it is to sit down and just BE in that self-inflicted torture chamber of creativity and creation.

You'll never feel truly ready to do the thing, but at some point you just gotta decide to "do what you can, with what you've got, where you are".

Fun fact: That last quote is often misattributed to Theodore Roosevelt, but in his autobiography from 1920, Roosevelt himself quoted Bill Widener, calling it "a bit of homely philosophy which sums up one's duty in life".