No, your stuff is not original, but that's ok.

During my first two years at college, studying graphic design, I remember beating myself up for not being "original". For not being good enough, and not living up to my potential. Now these are really difficult emotions to deal with for anyone, but in my case there were two specific moments where I suddenly managed to lower my shoulders just a bit. Where I managed to relax more, and be just a bit nicer to myself, by letting myself off the hook every once in a while.

That was the first time I watched Kirby Ferguson talking about how Everything Is A Remix. (This really ought to be the introduction to creativity in general.)

And when I was introduced to Austin Kleon's concept of stealing like an artist.

For way too long I was aiming for perfection, for that alluring "100% satisfaction" with your own creation. But that's simply not possible. Attempting to reach perfection in anything is setting yourself up to personal failure in the end. No matter how hard you try, or how much you work, you will never reach perfection.

Neither will you ever be able to create something that is so mind-blowingly original that the world has never seen anything like it before. There will always be inputs, or even epiphanies, in the process of creation. And those elements are the ingredients of your own remix.

What comes out of our heads is nothing but a result of what we put in it.
— Jihad Lahham, from the book "1000 ideas by 100 graphic designers"

The moment I realized that fact it made everything more enjoyable. The process of creating something is still a hassle from time to time, like everyone else I still doubt my own capabilities as well as reasons for doing what I'm doing, but my default state of mind is way more relaxed than it used to be.