How to get more stuff done with less screen time

Walking has become my main form of personal therapy. The word therapy has this negative connotation to it, but the definition of it is still valid. Think of it as a time-out.

A moment in your day when you put everything you're doing on hold. You take a step back and think about what's happening in your life.

When you're walking you combine all these positive aspects – Physical activity, fresh air, you get a distance between you and your work, and it's a great chance to catch up with a friend. That last one is really valuable. It adds the element of accountability. You're less likely to back out on a friend, than you are to back out on yourself.

Think about it:

  • There’s never really an awkward silence, because taking the moment to catch some air is perfectly acceptable.
    • if it does get silent then you can probably comment on something around you.
  • The fresh air clears your head, and inspires you to reflect.
  • You get that much needed offline time.
    • Your subconscious will keep working on that project of yours even though you're not physically dying in front of the screen with a coffee cup in your hand.

Personally, I decipher my own thoughts a lot faster if I speak them out loud. That's why walking with a friend has been really key for me. It’s like you’re vastly expanding the area where your thoughts live and connect. By introducing an outside opinion you’re also more likely to connect your own thoughts (in addition to his/hers, a conversation should always be a two-way street). 

I see thoughts as something similar to a starry sky. There's this infinite amount of sparkling dots, but it's not until they make a pattern that they actually make any sense. Unless you see the pattern you won't know the difference between Orion and the Big Dipper. It's the same thing with thoughts.

Your opinion on something will be shaped by the thoughts you connect. Based on what I've read and seen of typography the space between the V and the R is too tight. Based on what I've been taught about fairness, and right and wrong, it wouldn't be fair of me to take that cookie you're about to eat.

These dots connect easier when they can bounce off of someone else. 

Take a pause for the cause, because walking is indeed therapy.