Mind Games, a movie about running - YouTube

I recently stumbled over the truly fascinating Internet presence of Casey Neistat. Ever since he played around with iMovie when Apple launched the blue iMac he’s been interested in filmmaking. And ever since today I’ve been very interested in the videos he make. Like the one at the top here, “Mind Games, a movie about running”. These are thoughts many people have, but a conclusive message he narrates in a fantastic way.

To me, it seems like his shooting style is more run-and-gun, compared to the many self-proclaimed filmmakers (like my self), who emphasizes the beauty of the visuals, instead of the flow of the narrative. Because that’s where he separates himself from the crowd. His amazing sense of narrative storytelling. It’s just so well thought out. And the best part is that the video illustrates the narrative, not the other way around. Something I find myself doing all the time. Just focusing on the visuals and then improvising the storyline in post production. Not the most effective way of making videos, I’ll tell you that, but it’s one that works for me. Simply because it motivates me to make a video at any time just because something sounds exciting or looks beautiful.